Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving! I trust you were able to enjoy a great Thanksgiving weekend and contemplate the wonderful things in life to be thankful for. I was especially thinking about God's amazing love for us, and also the blessings of friendships and having a wonderful family.

I had to work both Wednesday and Thursday nights, so my Thanksgiving weekend started on Friday morning when I drove to Burnsville right after work. Brent met me there and we had a great weekend full of food, family, and fun!

On Friday night we were excited to welcome my 2nd cousin, Sara, for dinner. We had the full Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, and as you can see, there were lots of delicious dishes!

Since there was so much food, we repeated the meal on Saturday night when my cousin, Tim, was with us! :)

Before Saturday's meal, though, my boyfriend and my cousin helped my dad put up Christmas lights. What great guys! And it meant that my mom had lights on her house before December 23rd! If you've ever spent time with me at the house I owned in Fergus, you might remember that I'm a big fan of Christmas lights. I mean, who doesn't like Christmas lights up year round? They're so pretty!

As you can see, we had a lot of fun in the process!

The end result on the house was beautiful!

I'm so thankful Brent was able to come from Appleton, and you can see we had a great weekend laughing together!


Ekelund Fam said...

so pretty! i love christmas lights too! i love the pic of you and brent, but i wouldn't characterize it as pretty...more like adorable. :)

Jim and Marilyn said...

Look like a wonderful time! thanks for your call-we can hardly wait to see you again sometime. Enjoy the winter and snow.

CJ Olson said...

Looks like you all had a WONDERFUL TIME!! :-)

Eric, Maralee, & Baby S said...

Yes, I do remember your love of Christmas lights! And you seem to be sparkling just as brighlty as the lights. Glad you had such a nice weekend! Hope to meet Brent sometime if we're ever in the same state. : ) Miss you!!