Wednesday, November 19, 2008

African Kids

The African kids we came in contact with were a highlight of the trip for me. Here's a slideshow that shows a little of what we encountered. They were at every turn, running to our vehicles the moment we arrived anywhere. I have a few favorites, but don't tell the rest of them that! Trisch and I kept trying to figure out which ones we could take home with us, but unfortunately we weren't able to do that in the end... We didn't think squeezing into our suitcases would be the most comfortable for them! -- Tell me, though, wouldn't you have had the same reaction?


Stacy said...

These are the pics I was waiting for the most! As you know me, these pics just speak to me in such a deep way. All the kids are absolutely gorgeous! Could just fall into these deep brown eyes! The pic of the little girl with the baby tied to her back in the carrier wrap/sarong was just something you don't see everyday. What sticks out is their pure joy. You can see it on their faces and in their eyes and this is despite their circumstances. A lesson for us all. Amazing, thanks for sharing!

CJ Olson said...

I loved seeing these pictures! How precious are those kids!! I'd just want to squeeze them all the time! I love their eyes and their smiles! How adorable! (Why couldn't you have taken a couple of them home again?!?! :-))