Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, it would be hard to put up some new posts and not have any pictures of David, so I won't fight it! He and his parents came to Fergus on Saturday and went back home again on Sunday. It was great to have them here! They came to pick me up from work on Saturday afternoon -mostly so I could show him off to all my co-workers! They've heard lots of stories, so it was fun to introduce him to them!

Julie and I also brought him over to Hillcrest's Class Night so I could see my youth group girls, Julie could see her friend, Jenny, who's sister was graduating, and we could introduce David to more people. (His dad got to hang out at my house to watch the Twins lose in extra innnings.) It was great to see people and show David around. I especially loved showing him to Joel and Alice, since they have been like grandparents to us. Even though I don't remember my Erickson grandparents, I always think of them when I'm with Joel and Alice because of the long history of friendship between our families.

Isn't he just adorable??!!

Happy Memorial Day!

Fergus does an incredible job of putting up flags on holidays. In fact, I've never seen such a display anywhere else. Two weeks ago for Armed Services Day, I drove around to the different parks and took lots of pictures, knowing I probably won't live anywhere else that celebrates like this. Since I didn't get these pictures posted earlier, it seemed appropriate for Memorial Day. And, in honor of my Dad and Grandpa that served during the Vietnam War and World War II, respectively, I took pictures of the army flags as well.

If you're ever in Fergus Falls during a national holiday, be sure to drive around to all the parks and look at the beautiful display of flags!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I started this entry back on May 7th, but have struggled with posting it. David was baptized and I wanted to talk about the gift of baptism and what it really means. I've suffered from writer's block, however, not being able to truly express how incredible it was to watch him be welcomed into the family of God. What a powerful gift from God! What an amazing God we serve!

The day itself was wonderful -I don't think it could've gone any better! You can see pictures by going to the link on the right that says "Mom and Dad". My mom posted all the same pictures I would have, so you can just look there.

Pastor Hanson gave me a card that is "from" David -a letter to his baptismal sponsors. It has been SUCH a good reminder of the importance of praying for my godchildren. I have two of them, David, and also Ryan and Jenn's little girl, Annie. I have long been praying for Annie, but reading this card gave new understanding to the word "godmother". I have been reminded more often throughout each day to pray for both of them, and with more specific prayers. I'll share the card with you:

Dear Godmother,

You have taken part in one of the most important events in my life -you were present at my baptism where I was adopted as a child of God. Although I may have been too young to remember that day, you will remember it, and I want you to remind me of it as I grow older.

You were chosen to be my sponsor because you are a trustworthy person. You are concerned enough about my spiritual life to assist my parents in my faith development. I call you "godmother" for you are like a parent to me in that you care about and are responsible for my life with God.

The times in which we live help shape the responsibilities of sponsors. In early Christian times, when life was more uncertain, there was a good chance that parents would not live to see their children reach maturity. Sponsors were an assurance that someone would be alive to see to it that children were nurtured in the Christian faith. God has helped make the life and death situation a little less of a problem today. But that doesn't mean that you are any less important. You are particularly charged to assist with my growth in the Lord, and there are some things that I want you to do for me.

I hope, first of all, that you will always remember to pray for me. I need your prayers every day of my life in order that I might always walk in the path of God's grace. I would like to reach the end of the each day knowing that you had remembered me before God in prayer.

As I grow, I hope that you will take an active part in my Christian education. Will you help teach me God's Word? Will you see to it that I have the opportunity for instruction in the Christian faith, and participate in worship and church school? In addition, I hope that you will make sure I know Him who gives meaning to my baptism. For my baptism without a living faith in Christ is empty and unfulfilled.

Lastly, let me see Christ in you, in order that I might have another example of a Christian life. I know that God will give you the wisdom and strength to carry out this role in my life.

I don't want you to think of me as just one more person to remember with a gift on my birthday or at Christmas. That's not really what sponsorship is all about. I want you to remember me as one who needs your prayers, your love, and your example. Those are the gifts I need most in my life.

Your Godchild
[this was published by the Augsburg Publishing House]

Annie and David, I promise to pray for you faithfully, to tell you about Jesus and His love for you, and I will try to live a life that can be an example to you.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tuckered Out After a Long Day

Yesterday, Saturday, was a full and fun day! I started out the day getting to see my Aunt Marilyn!! She and my mom drove up on Thursday night so Marilyn could be around for her mom's birthday celebration. They both stayed overnight at my house, then Marilyn did some stuff with other friends, and came back to us Saturday morning for a few hours before heading north to see Jared (her son, my cousin) and her other relatives and friends. It was such a short time together, but WONDERFUL to see her! We chatted non-stop! Thanks for visiting us!

Just before my mom and Marilyn left the Twin Cities to get to Fergus, Marilyn got to meet David for the first time. She did a great job of making him smile!

On Saturday, my mom headed back to the Cities just before noon. She helped me clean up all our packing mess and took some last pictures while my living room and dining room still look like this. It's already sad to see that hutch empty!

Then I had a fun lunch at Applebee's, found out the bigger items at that garage sale all sold!, hopped in the car and drove to the Cities to see my nephew (and the rest of my family!). I got to help hold David, give him a bottle and bath, and see him smile -knowing it was for real this time!

At the end of such a busy day, we were both pretty tuckered out!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Packing Day

My mom and I packed ALL DAY long today! We started the day with only two boxes plus my Christmas stuff packed, and we finished with 22 boxes done! Yeah!! The box pile is growing! And, my garage sale pile got a little smaller as I brought a few things over to the Sem Women garage sale at Hillcrest -they were kind enough to let me join them. But, the pile also grew again as I added stuff to it, so that's a good thing!

As some of you might know, I have a thing for dishes. I really love them! That's an understatement. I find it hard to believe that you could ever have too many, and since there are SO many different styles and patterns, the possibilities are endless! You never know when you need your good dishes, your plain dishes, your colorful dishes, your winter dishes or your summer dishes.... You might have guests drop by, or invite people over for a party, or just want a pick-me-up on a down day. As my wonderful aunts in Billings taught me, "any meal tastes better when it's eaten on special dishes". That's so true!

Well, today was a good day for packing, but also a sad day in my home. We packed up all the dishes... My two hutches are empty, and in my kitchen, I am now living with just the bare essentials that I will travel with as I go from place to place. I still have a few months before Move Day so I want to make sure I made the right decisions about my kitchen stuff. It was good to get it all packed, but now I really feel like my house looks different.

Here are before and after pictures of one of my hutches.

Now that I've finished with kitchen stuff for a while, I think I'll move on to decorating items next, which will really make the place look different! I think that will actually help motivate me some.

THANK YOU, MOM, for all your HARD work today!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, Julie!

May Day is my sister's birthday! Happy 28th Birthday, Julie! I guess since I'm older it's okay to publish her age for all the world to see! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her from the last few years. If I wasn't tired (it's the wee hours of the morning), I think I'd even try and dig out some really old pictures of her for you to see. Actually, probably most of the really great ones are at our parents house. I'll see what I can arrange for next year....

Our favorite summer day -at the Minnesota State Fair.

At my LPN pinning ceremony.

Every year at Christmas, without fail, we take a picture of the two of us in front of the fireplace at my parent's house. This year I couldn't stop touching her belly!

The last picture I took with her while she was pregnant.

Meeting her son for the first time!

One of my favorite pictures ever.

And now in her new role as mommy, a role that she is shining in! Here's one of David's very first smiles caught on film, back when we weren't sure if they were "real" smiles or not.

Julie, have a WONDERFUL birthday! Enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!