Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Walk in the Park

Today I had a fun surprise after I woke up! There was a message waiting for me from a friend at work asking if I'd join her on a walk when she finished her day shift. Just prior to hearing the message I was getting ready to go to the fitness center, so this was a fun change of plans!

We met up at Myrick Park, which I had never even heard of yet. It was a great spot! It's located right across from the University of Wisconsin -La Crosse and is surrounded by water/marshes, great trails, wide open spaces, and is also home to the local zoo!

The snow-covered trails provided some great exercise. It actually felt a little like walking along in the sand, which if done at a nice brisk pace is great exercise! Here we are about halfway along this particular path. There was a marsh on either side of us and though we were watching for deer, we didn't see any today.

We came upon this huge tree, which looks like it would be pretty fun to climb. Anyone want to join me?

The sunset was amazing tonight. Unfortunately, the best pictures I saw are only stored in my mind. We weren't in good locations during the best part. But, I like this shot through the trees!

After our walk in the park, she asked if I'd keep her company during her one-hour shift selling concessions at the hockey rink where her son plays. I happily agreed! The thought of concessions always reminds me of my summer selling them in Canada, but now I also have the thought of this summer's State Fair experience!

I also have the admittedly far-fetched dream of driving a Zamboni one day, so any chance to be at an ice rink means I should jump at it. Hee, hee! :)

Another fun day in La Crosse!


doug&margarethe said...

Like the photos! Looks like a fun walk. You must have had warmer weather today than we did because the wind picked up...but then again it was not as cold as last week!

Henrik & Carrie said...


Candis Berge said...

Kari, that picture of the sun through the trees is so professional. I hope you enlarge and frame that one for sure. Amazing.

Ross & Beth said...

Yuck! All that snow sure looks beautiful, yet takes me back to my HLA days. SNOW = COLD!!