Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Fun

Since this was my weekend off, I got to spend it with my favorite little buddy, David! I drove home Friday morning and slept a few hours, so when they came over Friday night I was still sleepy, but we had fun playing together!

Then on Saturday morning I was able to hang out with my friend, Elizabeth. She was in my small group at youth group in Fergus and we also spent a couple of years in a mentoring relationship. It was so good to see her! I got to see her apartment and then we went out for brunch at The Good Earth. I had the Vegetarian Joe's Eggs (even though I'm not a vegetarian) and it was a great breakfast that I'd recommend! It was really good to catch up a little and hear about life. Thanks for the good time, Elizabeth!

After good food and good conversation, I headed back to my parents and met up with my little buddy. Julie and I ended up spending the afternoon together, along with David. We had a great time together!

David loves playing with Grandpa: and here he was having fun with coasters. Who needs toys around when you have such fun things like coasters?? It also looks like Grandpa is trying to pass on his love of Coca-Cola.

After hanging out with Grandpa, David got a bath. He loves playing in the water!

He was being SO silly playing on Grandma and Grandpa's bed! He's such a goofball!

You can tell from those last pictures how long his hair has been getting! Fortunately, his parents finally agreed it was time to do something about it. I met up with them this afternoon to be either a distractor or photographer for the big event, David's First Haircut! He really did remarkably well! Julie's hairstylist has experience with kids, so she was up for the task.

He did so well, just sitting there quietly and without squirming. He looked at the clippers for awhile at the beginning, but soon pretty much forgot about what was happening and just played with his toy. I'm sure it was because he had such a good aunt/distrator around! :)

The finished product!

There are weird lines from the mini-blind shadow, but you can see that his hair is shorter!

Such a handsome little fellow!

Thanks for the fun weekend!


doug&margarethe said...

Fun family memories made this weekend! Grandma's baby David is quickly becoming a toddler! Handsome haircut!

Ross & Beth said...

Love the haircut!! He looks so BIG!

Henrik and Carrie said...

The haircut looks great! So glad you were able to spend time with your family this weekend and I'm really glad I got a chance to hang out with you too!

Brooke said...

It was so funny that you included the haircutting, because I was thinking, "Man this kid has alot of hair!" Not just long, but thick looking too! Very cute cut! He's getting so big, and what a fun age!

Anonymous said...

What fun! David is sooooooooo cute!!!

Leingang Family said...

His haircut looks great! He's becoming such a little man.

Chris and Gina said...

Those are very cute pictures. I think David is pretty close in age to Sarah. He had a lot of hair and Sarah has hardly any yet!