Monday, February 25, 2008

Sightseeing in southwestern Wisconsin

Today has been a great day! It started out considerably earlier than I would've liked, but sometimes my body doesn't know if it's supposed to be asleep or awake. I gave up on falling back to sleep and got in a good workout at the fitness center instead. Totally worth it!

Then I met up with a friend from work. We had been talking about getting together, and decided that today was the day. We met at a great restaurant for lunch, called Hackberry's. I just love some of the restaurant names around here: Hackberry's, Pearberry's, Fayze's, Piggy's, Huck Finn's, and Buzzard Billy's! I haven't been to all of them yet, but will try... Anyway, it was a great place to eat with incredible sandwich options for lunch. After lunch, she was great enough to drive around and show me some of the sights! She and her family live out of town a little ways, in one of the many valleys (I've learned there are even more valleys than I knew about). We went out on 14 and 33 and many other side roads that I couldn't keep track of! I know we hit the towns of Coon Valley and Westby (saw the sign for our LB church there!), but there were a few others that I can't think of. I'm going to ask her to show me just where we went on a map so I have a better idea in my head.

If you look through the trees in this picture, you can see the ski runs on Mount La Crosse.
Not quite the mountains of Montana, but still pretty great skiing anyway!

We saw a few Amish farms, and based off of all the horse and buggy's we saw, there must've been quite a few around.
I guess they all have a big white house, and the ones we saw all had laundry out on the line.

When we got to her valley, we saw LOTS of the wild turkey's that are around!

Unfortunately, just after this picture was taken, the batteries in my camera died! It was a beautiful valley and would've had some great pictures, but no luck... She's invited me to come back when it's a little less snow, a little more like spring. Should be fun! THANK YOU for the great day!!

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Marilyn and Jim said...

Sounds like you are making the most of your winter months in the midwest! Are you going to go skiing there in WI also? Enjoy the snow, spring is on the way!!!