Friday, February 1, 2008

Just a Walk in the Park...

Today I was able to spend a little time looking around La Crosse some more. I started out by going on a tour at St. Rose Convent Chapel which is home to the Fransiscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. These are the sisters that started the hospital I'm working at, and the chapel is right across the street. It has interesting architecture and when I said something to a co-worker, she mentioned that they offer daily tours. I didn't take any pictures inside (I wasn't sure if that was allowed) but you can do some imagining based off of this:

After that I was able to hit a few of the downtown shops I've been wanting to stop in but haven't found open when I'm awake. It was fun to wander in and out, and I was thankful it was a balmy 22 degrees out so I could wander freely without being chilled to the bone. Pathetic, isn't it? :)

Next I returned to Riverside Park to grab a few shots:

The birds that braved the winter found the one little bit of open water in the otherwise frozen river.

Ever since the very first day I was in La Crosse, people have been telling me to go to Grandad's Bluff. La Crosse is surrounded by bluffs and Grandad's is the tallest and also closest. There have been many nights where I was at work, realized I wouldn't be too tired in the morning and have made plans to go. Then, I've stepped out into the bitter cold and realized that bed is the only place I wanted to be! When the thermometer reads -6 (and often colder) and the wind chill makes it feel even colder, I've had no motivation to go exploring on some bluff! So, even though today was cloudy, since it was warmer and I had the time, I knew right where I wanted to go. Grandad's Bluff overlooks all of La Crosse, and across the river to both Minnesota and Iowa.

Walking out to the point, this is facing southwest. The top right of the photograph is Iowa.

If you enlarge this picture, in the very middle of it you'll see a large building which is the hospital where I'm working. You can also see the three rivers flowing through the valley, and the Minnesota bluffs in the background.

Now that I know the view, I'm excited to see it on a clear day. Maybe at sunset?

I finished up the day going back to Pettibone Park, a place I've enjoyed a few times.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour around La Crosse. Want to come join me in person to see the sites?


Candis Berge said...

Oh, the last two pictures were so Ansel Adams. Cool.

I did enlarge the picture from the bluff to see the hospital. I can't wait to see the view on a clear day now. It's like I am visiting LaCrosse.

How are things?

Jim and Marilyn said...

It looks beautiful, but the grey-tones make it look even more cold! Brrrr! I thin I'd like to wait until spring or summer and warmer weather!

Anonymous said...

I'm Mandy Bronson's mom...graduated from UW-LaX I won't tell you when! It's a great and beautiful city and you'll love Grand Dad's in the beautiful fall! Loved your photos. Judy Cuff

Anonymous said...

I'm Mandy Bronson's mom and graduated from UW-LaX I won't say when. LaX's is a great and fun place and you'll love Grand Dad's in the beautiful fall. The photos were great. Judy Cuff

Anonymous said...

Looks like winter for sure, but beautiful in its own way! We've got lots of snow in the mountains, but the grass is green here. My lenton rose is up and trying to grow, but still cold for here. Love, June

Leingang Family said...

What beautiful pictures! Wish we could come and visit you this time.

CJ Olson said...

Pretty Pictures! I would love you join you but I think it would be to far away for me right now! Sigh!! Maybe we can visit when you are down in the cities....(I'm hoping)