Saturday, September 29, 2007

Best Dessert Ever!

Last night, I had a fun treat! My dad had a business trip to Bellingham, WA which is farther north, but he flew into Sea-Tac Airport. He was able to make his flight early enough so that I could pick him up, we had dinner together, he got to see my apartment, and I still got him back in time to meet up with his co-worker.

We decided to eat at Black Angus Steakhouse, which was a first for me. We had a GREAT meal, and ended with probably my new favorite restaurant dessert. To say it was really good is an understatement... It's called the Big Mountain Chocolate Fudge Cake, and I highly recommend it! In fact, the whole meal was delicious, and I've found a new favorite restaurant! Check it out sometime!

After dinner, I got to show my dad my apartment and the main road in Puyallup that I live just one block from. It was good for me to get to the airport as well, to realize it's relatively close, and easy to get to. Come on out anytime, and I'd love to pick you up!

Here are the last of my pictures from my apartment. I took this one of my bedroom from the doorway.

This is from the window. The door is right next to the dresser. Notice how much space there is between me and the bed, it's a large room!

Then, this is taken from the sofa/front door area.

My dining room table and chair set that my company rented for me.

This is so you can see how the dining room is attached to the kitchen (see previous post).

Here's my little deck. There's also a storage room just to the right side of it, where I can put my empty boxes. I thought a nice yellow mum would help the deck look cheery.

And the view from my deck. You can see the pool, and there's also a hot tub. That building on the left side is the office and that's where the fitness room is as well. It's turned out to be a good fitness room!

While my dad was here, he helped me learn the lost art of adjusting the TV antenna for a better picture. I'm happy to report I can now get 4 channels pretty clear, and another three are pretty blurry. Thanks, Dad!! I had put up the antenna and moved it a little, but I learned you can really move it around, or do things like put in on top of a chair three feet away and get a better picture. So much for channel surfing anymore.... I keep reminding myself of all the money I'm saving by not getting cable, and all the time I'll have for exploring!


Jamie and Krista said...

We love Black Angus too! If you watch, you can get coupons for a sampler platter (great appetizers!), steak, two sides, AND the chocolate mountain cake for dessert! =) We's yummy!

Candis Berge said...

Great pictures. Your quilt looks fabulous, by the way! I remember when you were putting the blocks together at the quilt weekend years ago! It was that quilt, wasn't it?

doug&margarethe said...

I like your apt. Looks very comfortable and easy to enjoy the next 3 months! Your quilt shows up so nice too. Still love those colors. Glad Dad got to see your place and help with several things to make it easier for you. Mom

Brooke said...

It is so fun getting my mental picture of where you are! You look more settled with each new post!

That dessert sounds good enough to send me a piece! Just kidding, but it's making me hungry thinking about it!

Leingang Family said...

Your apartment looks nice. Sorry about the TV thing. That's what happens when you live in hill country. Without cable we get NO channels at all, not even blurry ones. But then we barely get cell reception here either.

There are lots of great restaurants here. If you like seafood then you have to try Anthony's. It's wonderful!