Monday, September 29, 2008

My Favorite Face

This is my favorite face. I love those eyes and that grin that's often just under the surface and then bursts out. He makes my heart melt!

On the 17th I was at my parents house and Julie and little David came over to play for a while. We had so much fun together! It was a perfect day outside, so we had fun with his new basketball hoop and just running around.
David with Mommy and Grandma.
He didn't hit us over the head, but sure looked like he was going to in this shot! Really he was just so proud of lifting these heavy bars and carrying them around.
Running up and down the hill in my parents back yard, and playing peek-a-boo around a tree. By the way, this hill used to be HUGE, when did it shrink? Or did I just get taller? :)
A new favorite activity, rolling down the hill! Hours and hours can be spent doing this!
After dinner that night, we had a little ice cream. David enjoyed a spoonful with some strawberries in a tiny bowl that my mom had. Of course, it promptly got turned over (my mom's prepared with a plastic tablecloth cover -not unlike the couch cover in My Big Fat Greek Wedding!) and played with. I'm not sure how much actually got inside his tummy, but spread all over his hands instead!
He had lots of fun playing...
Then decided to stack the strawberries up on top of the bowl...
And voila! He did it! Can you beat that proud look he has?
What a fun face. I could just watch him all day long! I'm so glad I'm closer to him right now!


Candis Berge said...

Such cute pictures! I can't believe he has gotten this big - seems like he was just born!

Jim and Marilyn said...

so fun to see new pics of little D! He has really grown! Such fun to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! I am so glad you are close to David right now too.