Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Cutest Kid

So one of the really great things about being back in the Midwest is being around this little guy again. You know how much I love him!! I thought I'd share a few fun pictures of him so you can see just how much he's grown while I've been gone.

Here are some shots I took before going to Seattle for the weekend. They're the reason my camera was on the kitchen table and not in my purse/pocket like normal...

Here he is showing us his great ability to "stack" things. He's a natural...

He and I had a lot of fun playing with my camera and seeing what we looked like on the screen right after we took the picture. I've been getting a little better at doing the self-portraits, and they're a lot more fun with him in the picture!

My dad helped us with this last one!

All these pictures (except the first group) were taken on Tuesday night. It was so fun to be close enough to come home for dinner! There was a specific reason I came back only one day after I moved to Mankato, though. My cousin, Tim, was in town! He's the same Tim from Mount Rainier fame, back from an interesting year in Norway. Check out his blog link on the right for amazing pictures and stories! It was so fun to get to see him if only for the evening, but the really fun news is that he'll also be in the Midwest until the end of the year, so I'm excited to catch up some more in the future.

While he was here, we used the chance to snap a few family pictures. They mostly consisted of us all laughing trying to see what David would do, but there were a couple that turned out okay.

I really love this kid!

The cousins, with the first of the next generation.

It was SO great to see you Tim! I'm glad you'll be closer and am excited to see you again sometime soon!


Mikey said...

With a face like that, can taking pictures of him ever get old?

Stacy said...

Hi Kari,
Glad you are enjoying being back home. Glad you get to see your nephew again! Thats wonderful! I love all the pics, but espescially your family pics and the one of you "gazing" at little David. Absolutely adorable! Enjoy your weekend and time back home.

doug&margarethe said...

Great to have you home! Glad you got to see Tim also. Yes, David D is such fun so am glad you get to spend some time with him too..he is a little boy now and no longer the baby... 33 inches and 28 lbs (75%) at 18 months. As always these proud G&G think he is the cutest too!!

timmyjimi said...

Thanks for making the trip, Kari. It was good to catch up, and I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the family again soon. For now, I just moved in with Eric in Stevens Point today, and it seems like a pretty cool place. Take care, and good luck at the new job!

Brent said...

It's no wonder you were so excited to return home. He is a cute little boy and I love that look of wonder in his eyes. It looks like your family has a lot of fun together.

I'm hooked on your blog... this is not good considering I have homework to do. :)