Friday, August 29, 2008

Heading Home

And.... she's off! My stuff's almost all packed, the car's mostly loaded, the cooler's stocked with water, my iPod's charged and ready to go -I think I'm all set.

I'll be leaving California in the morning, to drive back to the midwest. Please pray for me as I drive the almost 2000 miles to home. Jim and Marilyn were a huge help to me this afternoon, and I just said goodbye to them after we enjoyed a nice dinner and wonderful piece of pie at "Polly's Restaurant and Pie Shop". It was really hard to see them drive away. They are so incredibly important to me and are such wonderful encouragement and support. I WILL MISS YOU BOTH!!!!

I think I'm all set to leave.

Except...... I'm not sure I want to go! I don't like the thought of leaving Jim and Marilyn, their sons and daughters-in-law, Chuck and Penny, and the great friends I have here in California. I don't like the thought of leaving the ocean behind. I don't like the thought of leaving nearly perfect weather every single day. I hate saying goodbye!

But, at the same time, I can't wait to get home! I can't wait to hug little David. I can't wait to have my parent's around for face-to-face conversation and advice. I can't wait to hang out with Aimee and see my other friends. I can't wait to meet the new little babies that have been born to many of my friends while I've been gone. And, even though it will start to get cooler, I really love fall in the Midwest!

I'll be taking the most direct route home, which will include a buffet dinner in Las Vegas, an overnight somewhere near Zion National Park, at least a 1/2 day spent in the park, a drive-through of Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks, getting to finally meet my recruiter in Denver!, a fairly boring drive across Nebraska towards Iowa and then north to home.

I've decided to not plan out too much of this trip, but instead just see what I want to see, stop whenever I get tired, and then arrive home hopefully by Wednesday. That'll give me a full day in the Twin Cities before flying to Seattle for the weekend for a training session for Africa (I'm so glad I had enough frequent-flyer miles to be able to go!!!!), then flying back on Sunday, driving straight to Mankato, moving into my new apartment and starting my next job!

Do you think I fit in enough things for the week? :)

Please pray for safety for my travels, and check back for updates on my progress! I'm hoping for internet connections at the hotels so I can keep you posted!

Thanks for your prayers!


Susan said...

Good luck in your travels, may God make the miles fly be quickly and safely. I can't wait to travel across country with you again. Take care.

doug&margarethe said...

We welcome you home! Will be great to have time together again and enjoy our precious little David with his Auntie Kari in person(& not only in that photo of you two on the fridge door!)!
Our thoughts and prayers for a safe 2000+ mile drive. Who better to be with you than our friend and Savior, Jesus Christ!
Much love, Mom

Jeff and Missi, T, Jake, Samuel and Dan said...

I will be praying for you as you take another adventure across half of America to get home to the midwest! Enjoy the drive! Missi

Danny and Mandy said...

We just said a prayer for you. Zeke is really hoping he gets the chance to meet you and show you his room. We are hoping you have some time to visit us here. :)

Brooke said...

We'll be praying for your safe arrival back in MN!!

Candis Berge said...

Safe travels, Kari - and NO pictures while you are driving!!!


Looking forward to having you back in Minnesota!!

Jim and Marilyn said...

Bon Voyage! We miss you but are so thankful for the times we had together. Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

So I was looking at your pictures quickly while I had a second and I saw you in NY. My first reaction is I wish I could have seen her when she was here, but then I realize the you were in Las Vegas. So I will forgive you for not giving me a call! I need to sit down some time when I have free time and read your blog so I can catch up on your exciting life. It is amazing to see where God has brought you over the past year of so. Hope all is going well. Gotta go check on the yelling baby!