Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Q Cafe

Tonight I went to the Q Cafe in Seattle. It's a coffee shop sponsored by Quest Church in the north Seattle area.

I was there to see my cousin, Scott, as he painted for the audience while a concert was going on. You can learn more about his experiential art at the link on the side, Scott's Transpire Project. It was pretty amazing to see these two canvasses that started out basically blank, and ended up being some amazing pictures. I enjoy looking at art, but there's something really incredible about watching it unfold.

The evening started out with a FUN surprise! My friend, Dave, was there to start out the evening with a short concert of some great songs that he's written. He and I went to high school together (we were both in student council!) but then had the chance to hang out even more when he, Scott and Allen did a few things for Youth Ministries when I worked there. They're a great group of guys, and it was really fun to reconnect tonight. Dave's a high school history teacher in the area, and a very talented musician. I've had a link on the side to a website that he (admittedly) hasn't updated in a few years, but he said tonight that he's on myspace, so I'm going to look for that.

Thanks for your friendship, and the fun evening!


Ross & Beth said...

How fun!!! I havent seen Dave in years. Thanks for the pictures. Scott does amazing work. Have a good week. Beth

Brooke said...

What a fun experience! It's so fun to seeing where you've been and what you plan on doing next!