Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gig Harbor

Today I got to spend some time with red-headed little boys! My cousin Brent and his family live just outside of Gig Harbor, which is not too far away from Puyallup. Brent is actually my second-cousin, but in our family we're all just cousins. I got to know Brent and Sarah a little better at the family reunion in July, along with their boys J and T. What a great family!

Sarah and I have been looking forward to spending some time together while I'm in the area, and today was our first chance. On my way to their home, I got to see a pretty clear picture of the mountain, so of course I had to stop and take a picture:

I think it's so interesting to see just that one cloud hanging out at the top of the mountain. I bet it looked really amazing at the National Park today!

I got to spend some fun time chatting with Sarah and J, while T finished up his nap. Once he woke up, we all went into Gig Harbor for a little while. I hadn't ever been there before (only driven by) so it was fun to see this quaint little sea-side town! I definitely want to go back again and wander in and out of all the little shops. It looked like some great antique stores were around!
I also wish I knew someone with a sailboat! The sailboats were a little bigger here than the ones I've gotten to use on Pickeral Lake!

We also had some little boys along that had fun watching the boats, and the kayakers who were just coming in. I think they could've watched and watched and watched...

On our walk along the water, we got to see something pretty unusual. There was a family of four deer right in town! They were eating the flower beds of a house that was right along the main road, with lots of cars going by. We were pretty sure they'd end up getting hurt, but as far as we saw, they stayed off the road. You can see all four in this picture, the buck, doe, and two babies. Pretty cool!

Here are mom and boys on our walk:

Thanks to Brent and Sarah, J and T, for the fun day and for sharing your beautiful home with me!


Leingang Family said...

Those boys are so cute! I love the red hair! Sounds like you are having fun here in the NW.

doug&margarethe said...

Looks like you had a fun time with Brent,Sarah,& family. The boys have grown alot! Hope you can visit again!

Jim and Marilyn said...

Cousins, redheads, sailboats and deer! What a great way to spend a day!

CJ Olson said...

Oh you look like you had so much fun! :-)