Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, it would be hard to put up some new posts and not have any pictures of David, so I won't fight it! He and his parents came to Fergus on Saturday and went back home again on Sunday. It was great to have them here! They came to pick me up from work on Saturday afternoon -mostly so I could show him off to all my co-workers! They've heard lots of stories, so it was fun to introduce him to them!

Julie and I also brought him over to Hillcrest's Class Night so I could see my youth group girls, Julie could see her friend, Jenny, who's sister was graduating, and we could introduce David to more people. (His dad got to hang out at my house to watch the Twins lose in extra innnings.) It was great to see people and show David around. I especially loved showing him to Joel and Alice, since they have been like grandparents to us. Even though I don't remember my Erickson grandparents, I always think of them when I'm with Joel and Alice because of the long history of friendship between our families.

Isn't he just adorable??!!


Anonymous said...

Such a handsome boy! He's so blessed to have such a great auntie!

doug&margarethe said...

I'm so glad Alice and Joel got to meet him!! Grandma missed him over the weekend but got to see him last evening!! Yesterday he started to grab for some of his toys and try to get them into his mouth... especially that green plastic bear! He's growing so fast and learning so many new things!

Brooke said...

I can tell you love that little nephew to death! How fun that you got to show him off with your sister! He looks so much like Julie to me - what do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

How fun to be a "show off" Auntie. I think David's looks are a real combination of his parents!!
June B.

Chuck said...

It was nice meeting you on Sunday, and I appreciated the friendly face to sit next to and talk with at church!

Aimee is blessed to have such a great friend - she thinks very highly of you, and I can see why.