Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Twilight in Laguna Beach

Last night I was able to meet a friend in Laguna Beach for dinner. We had a lovely time! We ate at this little Tuscan restaurant called The Sundried Tomato Cafe which had wonderful food! I had a salad that included blueberries and asiago cheese among other things. I love salads with interesting ingredients, and while I almost always throw craisins in my salad, I've never tried fresh blueberries. Since I've become a new convert to the Magic Bullet and make a daily smoothie, I stock fresh blueberries in my fridge. You can be assured I'll throw a few in my salad now!

After dinner we went walking along the beach, and ended up at my favorite spot in Laguna Beach, this little overlook that has a great view of the ocean. We made it there right in time for the last photo opportunity of the day!

Good food, good friend, good view with a good conversation. What more could you ask for?


The Erickson Family said...

STUNNING photos!

Were you influenced by my "Favorite Things" post to get the Magic Bullet? I've used ours 4 times this week already. :o)

Stacy said...

Hi Kari,
LOVE the new pics...espescially the third one...I am enjoying "our" time in California. I have to facebook you a blogging question, something I haven't figured out yet...Chat soon.
P.S. What is this magic bullet and why do you love it so much?? I know it's a kitchen thing but whats it do...would I like it?

Kari, RN said...


Yes, your "Favorite Things" post helped me realize that the Magic Bullet wasn't just some strange infomercial gadget! But, it was actually using one at Jim and Marilyn's, and then again at Chuck and Penny's that made me want to run out to my local Bed, Bath and Beyond and get one! Gotta love the 20% off coupons!
Stacy, you can Google it I'm sure, but the Magic Bullet is basically a personal size blender that's perfect for someone who packs all her stuff into a car every 3 months! It blends right in the glass, so it saves on dishes as well. Some night when you're awake late, watch for the infomercial!