Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

I'm a big fan of the TV show "Army Wives". I think both the writing and the directing will get better as time goes on, but because of my respect for our military and the sacrifices they make to provide for our freedoms, I'm committed to watching. Well, when I watched Sunday night's show, they played a commercial that took me back to the Super Bowl a few years ago when it first played.

As some of you know, I can tend to get choked up at things easily. I don't think I'm an overly emotional person, just a person with a lot of compassion! I've told people before how I can choke up at work when talking with a patient, I can choke up when talking with a friend about a wide variety of things, I can choke up while watching TV (like Army Wives and the episode is about honoring a soldier who went MIA back in the 70's) and I've also been known to choke up at a random commercial -like a Kodak commercial, a Kleenex commercial, and well... a Hallmark commercial is easy to understand.

But, nothing has gotten to me more than this commercial I first saw during a Super Bowl party at my house, where the room was silent while watching it, and then all my friends turned to me to see how I was reacting.

During this 4th of July weekend, I want to stand up and clap for our military personnel, and say thank you. Thank you for leaving your families and putting yourselves in danger every single day so that I can be free.


For pictures of my own 4th of July celebration, please see Jim and Marilyn's blog. I was too tired to think of snapping any pictures! (and yes, I wear contacts and only usually wear my glasses at the end of the night... which it was for me!)

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Anonymous said...

Kari, good job on your blogs. I so enjoy them. I am about to go to bed as I worked last night and just had to check to see if you had a new site up. Good to know about Seal Beach. I'll have to go sometime soon. Really enjoyed the commercial about our service men and women and yes I got choked up too. That was so good. See you this afternoon. Love, Penny