Monday, June 2, 2008

This is why I'm a traveling nurse:

This is exactly why I love what I'm doing right now! This was my view tonight as I ate dinner on the beach, watching the sunset. Could it get any better? Am I really getting paid to live here and work for the summer?

Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself! I intended to post all sorts of pictures of "our" apartment tonight, but it turns out I haven't really been here all day, which means I'm not any more settled than last night. But, since I had such a fun day, I have no regrets! (And I'm mostly settled, it's just all the little stuff to finish, and the decorating things to make it feel like home.)

This morning I had the huge blessing of worshipping at Calvary, the CLBA church in Fullerton where my Uncle Jim is the pastor. It was great to be back there (I had been around some in the late 90's with Youth Ministries) and to see a few people that I knew from then -or had met when I was here last month.

One really fun thing is that Erick and Merrily (of Washington fame) are down here for the weekend and came to church as well!

After church, Erick and Merrily and I headed to Laguna Beach for lunch and an afternoon stroll while Jim and Marilyn had a previous commitment. We ate at this great restaurant that had outside seating and we had the best seats in the house -right on the corner next to the beach! Here's Erick showing us that he and Merrily are celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!!

After lunch, we walked along the boardwalk and saw all sorts of sights. This first picture is for my cousin, Krista, who is a HUGE volleyball fan and requested a beach volleyball picture. I hope this will do okay! In fact, pretty much the first thing we saw at the beach was 3-4 beach volleyball courts, all filled with fun players! I wish you could be here to join in! (And you wouldn't have to shovel sand to make a court like at the family reunion!!)

Click on this picture to enlarge it, and look at all the houses crowded together on the hill -Laguna Hill. Wow, the people are just packed in!

Erick told us these are the basketball courts from "White Men Can't Jump". It was fun to watch the pick-up games being played.

We walked all around the town of Laguna, up and down streets enjoying the fun shops. We also tried some WONDERFUL gelato down a quaint alley that reminded me of Europe. We headed up the hill to find some other shops, and discovered this great scenic view.

After saying goodbye to Erick and Merrily (and THANKS for the really FUN afternoon!!) I headed back to my apartment so I could get the address for my new hospital and head in that direction. I always check out the hospital the day before my first day, so I know where to park and where I'm supposed to go once inside the doors. I'm a little nervous about the commute, because it took 32 minutes to get there on a Sunday afternoon when traffic wasn't an issue at all. That's just how long it took with the distance, stoplights, etc. I'm due at Human Resources at 7:45am tomorrow morning, so with rush hour thrown in there, I'm not sure how long it will take. I had been figuring to give myself twice as long as it would take today, so to leave 60 minutes early to drive 11.7 miles seems crazy... [I'll admit, it made me think nostalgically of this post, talking about the 1.2 miles (3-minute) commute I had in Fergus.]

I found the hospital okay, figured out which parking lot to use (it's a really big campus and a little overwhelming...), found the HR office and decided to wait with finding my unit until I get the official tour.

I left the hospital and was determined to watch the sunset from the beach. I figured since I was further west than yesterday, it was a great night for it! I was also more prepared, with my jacket thrown in the car for the cooler beach weather! The hospital is pretty close to Redondo Beach, so that's where I went. I grabbed a really good ham and cheese sandwich from "Classic Burger" (it looked like a classic CA eatery!), found a parking spot, grabbed my lawn chair from the car, and walked down to the beach. I ended up with a great view! I sat in my chair and just thanked the Lord for His incredible gifts! I kept thinking about how really blessed I am!!

Should be a great summer!

I headed home the other way, which took 28 minutes, typed up this blog for you! and am now heading to bed so I can leave at 6:45am. Good night!


Candis Berge said...

A great read. I love the sailboat picture the most. So fabulous.

but what, no old men in this post?


Kristin said...

That place looks beautiful!! If I didn't have my own lake (okay, so it's not mine, per say, but you know what I mean) to look out on all summer, I'd be even more jealous.
I was bummed to hear that you and your family weren't going to be able to make it to family camp, but hopefully next year!

Krista Koljonen said...

Oh, Kari! Thanks a million for the beach volleyball pic (I see their using the short court). I'm so jealous! Yep, those beach boys didn't have to work for their sand court like us Montana girls. I considered the shoveling of the sand at the family reunion training...gotta build those volleyball muscles somehow.

GELATO! You'll never guessed who introduced me to this delight? Elvina and Milly! The next time you're in Billings, you should check out the aunts' favorite place to get gelato: Dolce Villa! Yummy!

Well, CA girl, hope your first day of work is a fabulous one. I'm really enjoying your pics...

Andrea said...

Gorgeous!!! I love sunset/beach pictures. There is nothing like sitting on the beach hearing the waves crash while watching a sunset. I could do it every day. Hope the first day on the job went well!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the bottom picture of you! I miss you already:) Hope you have a great first week. I can't wait to hear about it. Talk to you soon!

doug&margarethe said...

Fun to see the beach! Years ago (olden days!!) we used to go to Laguana Beach because Sandy E. & Nancy O.(Gilbertson)'s parents had a beach house there. Always a lot of fun. Great beach/sunset photos. Fun to "see" Erick & Merrily too. Looks like you had a full day. Will be good to hear about your first day as a CA nurse!

Jeff and Missi, T, Jake, Samuel and Dan said...

Laguna was one of our favorite places! Did you see the HUGE chocolate covered strawberries at the candy store right by the ocean outlet? Laguna is where Jeff and I had our first "official" date when he flew out to see me when I was living in Rancho. Also my sister was proposed to at Laguna - on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Talk about a great place to see a sunset! You should grill there with some friends and watch the sunset..... It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You have such a FUN LIFE, I am a little jealous :) but very excited for you! Can't wait to hear how your first day at the new hospital went!

Jim and Marilyn said...

Gotta love it! Sorry we missed the fun day with you at Laguna. We look forward to the next one...

Misty said...

It looks like you're in a beautiful area and all set to have a fun summer!

Leingang Family said...

Enjoy your stay in beautiful CA! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!

CJ Olson said... have such gorgeous pictures! I'm SO green with envy! I wish that I was there because I love sunset pictures with water.....something about water and sun that just makes everything better! SIgh....I can't wait to go to the beach in July!

Sara said...

What a beautiful picture of you, Kari! Plus, the scenery looks great; I'd love to see sunshine and blue skies like that!

Krista Koljonen said...

Boy, I just read my comment and realize that I have a spelling problem lately...their should be they're. What's up with that, Krista?!