Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Beach Apartment

Here are the long-awaited apartment pictures! Sorry it's taken a bit to get them uploaded. It was a combination of being exhausted at the end of my orientation days (who would think that sitting for 8 hours a day, 5 days in a row would be so tiring?) and then needing to get the place photo-ready. Well, here's a look at where I'll be living for the next few months. It's a nice place with vaulted ceilings, a balcony outside, a master suite with a bathroom, and of course a guest room! The place was very clean, (spotless, in fact!) and the furniture is nice. It's funny, the wood furniture (bed, dresser, coffee table, end tables, TV stand, and dining room table) are exactly what I had in Scottsdale. The couch and chair are the only things that are different, and they're more comfortable! The only thing I don't like about the place, is that the living room is SO much smaller than in Scottsdale, but since that was HUGE, I shouldn't be surprised!

Here's a picture standing at my front door.

The living room. Jim and Marilyn were kind enough to loan me a few things, including some great African prints!

This picture is to show you the really tall vaulted ceilings! This sure makes the place feel larger, and I love that there are no neighbors above me!

Standing at the couch, looking back at the dining room and kitchen (you can see the front door on the right).

The kitchen is small, but fine for just me.

The guest bathroom is just to the left of the front door. I finally framed one of my prints!

The guestroom. Again, Marilyn was kind enough to loan me some bedding, and I'll be adding one of her lamps tomorrow.

There is SO much closet space in this apartment! There's a whole wall of it in the guestroom, a whole wall in my bedroom, a second one in my room, and an entryway closet as well. In fact, I just measured, and the guestroom closet is 9.5 feet long! Wow, come visit me and you can bring as much as you want!! The entryway closet is 4 feet long... for the two coats I have hanging up in it....

This is my room.

I thought this was pretty odd. The sink is in the "hallway" just outside the bathroom that only has the tub and toilet in it. At first I wasn't so sure about it, but it's actually pretty handy! I can see where if there were two of us trying to get ready in the morning it would be pretty nice, but since it's just me, I think it's great not to have to blow-dry my hair in a steamy bathroom!

You can see my shower through the bathroom door. That's another closet behind the bedroom door. This one is 5.5 feet long and I'm using it as my office! :)

Standing at my bathroom sink, looking back at my main closet. Again, 9.5 feet long. For those of you who weren't adding that up in your head, that's 28.5 feet of closet space. Since I have only 14 clothing items on hangers, that only take up one mirrored door, there's plenty of extra space. I've never had this much closet space in my life, and I've never had such few clothing items with me in my life! In fact, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have been able to fit all of my clothing into one suitcase and one garment bag (except my work scrubs went into a second suitcase). As someone who comes from a long line of over-packers, this has been pretty freeing!

In my Seattle apt I only had two mirrors, that were both waist-up, but I could stand back far enough to get the overall picture. In LaCrosse, I only had one mirror and couldn't stand back far enough (a wall was in the way!) so I brought my old full-length mirror that's survived since Hillcrest days. In Scottsdale, I finally got a full-length mirror on my closet door and thought I was really moving up in the world. Well here in Long Beach, there are whole walls of mirrors! No excuses for not noticing some stain on the back of my shirt or something like that!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of "our" apartment! Let me know when you're coming to visit! I already have my first guests scheduled and am looking forward to more!


Jim and Marilyn said...

Oh my! All those massive closets and so many mirrors...what does that say about Californians??? Oh well, enjoy the place and the gorgeous view (oops, forgot to show that=) We are so glad you are here amongst us and we look forward to the weeks ahead! Thanks for the tour; your place looks great!

CJ Olson said...

I love your apartment! Wow it's so nice and clean!! (Don't come to my house right now!)

I love the wall of mirrors! I'm guessing it's to help give the illusion of more space too!!

Candis Berge said...

Things look great. I love your bedspread and remember when you were laying out the squares at the quilt weekend at Inspiration point. How's the job shaping up?

Kari, RN said...

Marilyn -you're right, I'll need to snap a picture of the really great view with GREEN trees all around! I'm so glad we got to hang out today -what a blessing of living around here!

Caristy -I'd LOVE to come see you at your house anytime! Wish I was closer!

Candis -I love that I get to sleep underneath something I created, that's really fun for me! I've only had orientation so far, so I don't know what my job will be like on the unit, but the hospital seems to have a good "philosophy of care" so that's a great sign. I have a few days before I start, but I'll let you know how it's going!

Ross & Beth said...

I love the vaulted ceilings! How fun!!

doug&margarethe said...

Nice apt. with great closet space! Too bad you don't get that here at home! The mirrors make the place look larger. Hope I can come visit!
And to think you are only a couple miles from the beach. Great!
Love, Mom

Kristin said...

Your apartment looks beautiful. So homey - especially considering that you don't get to bring a lot of things to "warm it up."
Oh, and is there any way to transfer some of that closet space? I'd sure appreciate it.