Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parent's 35th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

I wish I had their wedding album and a scanner with me so you could see the wedding pictures from 1973, but... maybe another year!

Here are some pictures from one of our fun vacations to Montana last summer. This first one is from "the top of the world" overlooking Flathead Lake.

Here they are in Glacier National Park, the most beautiful place in the word!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for getting married 35 years ago so we could all be a family! Love ya both!!


Candis Berge said...

Ah, I wish I could see those pictures too, but I think the ones you posted were great of your parents. Happy Anniversary to them!

doug&margarethe said...

Thank you for the wishes and tribute. We love our girls and now our 2 David's too! The years have flown by quickly..