Thursday, December 13, 2007

Children's Museum

On Tuesday I had the great joy of hanging out with my friend, Tara and her family! It was SO fun to see her again, and get to meet her husband and twin girls. Tara and I lived together in Arizona, and the fun story-telling could go on and on! There are lots of stories to be told when six, and for a while seven, women all lived in one small townhouse! We were also joined by Randy and Kari, who were friends I'd spend time with when I used to visit Seattle for YM. Tara and I had been trying to get together a few times since I moved here, but after a few failed attempts, we finally decided to take the girls to the Children's Museum at the Seattle Center. Even at 16 months, they had a lot of fun! The museum had tons of interactive displays with lots of options for kids of all ages.

Here I am with R:

Here's Tara with C:

And here R and C really enjoyed splashing around as Chris looked on. I was so glad he could take the day off so I could meet him as well! Thanks for the fun day hanging out! You have a beautiful family, Tara! And I'm so sorry that I have no pictures to post of Randy and Kari's family.

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Leingang Family said...

Tara's girls are beautiful! What a fun day.

I am glad you were able to go up the Space Needle. It is pretty cool from way up there. Enjoy your last few days here.