Thursday, November 1, 2007


After my great day at Mount Rainier on Saturday, and dropping Tim off back in Seattle, I headed even farther north. I got to hang out with my friends Beth and Traci! Their husbands were gone at a Men's Retreat, so we had a fun sleepover at Beth's, together with all their kids. It was SO nice to just hang out in a home with people I knew, that knew me as well! I guess I had been feeling a little lonely last week, and craved interaction with people that weren't strangers, and hanging out with them really helped. So, even though Beth and I didn't know each other all that well, and Traci and I hadn't seen each other in a while, because we had a lot of similar connections and they are just SO FUN, we had a great time together! They probably didn't even realize how important it was for me, except they read my blog faithfully and will get to see this post! Thanks, girls!

That night after the kids went to bed, we hung out in the hottub for a while to chat and relax. It was wonderful! So calming! Then the next morning we had a delicious brunch that tasted sooooooo good. Cooking for one isn't so fun, therefore getting a great meal like that is a treat! Then, the kids got to enjoy some time in the hottub. Check it out:
They're such good kids, and had a great time playing together!

My favorite line from the weekend was when 6-year-old Camden looked over Traci's shoulder on the computer and asked "is that Pottery Barn?" We all burst out laughing, thinking "what six-year-old knows what Pottery Barn is?"

Traci had already left to take her kids to a birthday party, but Beth and I, along with Beth's sister, got to enjoy some time at a nearby outlet mall. Here we are after our fun time shopping:

Thanks, Traci and Beth and kids, for the GREAT time together! Thanks for letting me just hang out and relax, and for making me feel at home! You are a blessing!


Jim and Marilyn said...

Looks like you had soooo much fun! I love the pic of the kids lined up in the tub!

Ross & Beth said...

We also had a great time! My kids are asking when you will be back:)
Thanks for visiting. You are always welcome!!