Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Love of a Good Blanket

I've been working the last three nights, so I haven't taken pictures of anything fun here in Seattle. But, don't despair, I still have some great pictures for you to see. They're of my favorite little buddy, David! My mom emailed these to me, and since they're not on her blog yet, I'm taking the liberty to show them off!! :)

If you remember back to my post about Christmas (or just check the archives!) I showed a picture of one of the blankets I made for "the baby" before he was born. It is SUPER soft, and I was determined this would become his favorite blanket. Looks like it worked!

These remind me of the phrase "so cute I could just eat you up!"

I guess he's been pulling himself up to a standing postition all the time now, and here you can see how excited he was to do that!

Someone needs a haircut...

Here he is playing in Grandma's kitchen with the magnetic farm animal toy by LeapFrog. As soon as I saw this picture, the song that plays when a "match" is made popped into my head immediately!

Oh no, the song is still there! I better put some music on quick to get it out of my head!

It's been so hard to be gone from him, but everyone assures me they tell him often how much his Auntie Kari loves him, and he's been laughing when he hears my voice on the phone, looking around to see where I am. What a cutie!


Brooke said...

How fun! Harrison has a soft bankie too! He just loves to nuzzle in it like David! I knew that would be a favorite! No doubt you are almost counting down days to see him!

Jim and Marilyn said...

Very cute! I still can't believe how much David has grown. Time has gone so fast. I know that you are anxious to get back and see him again (not to mention other un-important family members!) Soon you'll have to strat sewing his first "big-boy bed" quilt!

Leingang Family said...

Haircut? You can't cut that cute red hair!

He is getting so big.

Hope to see you in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

You made a match, look what you found, you made a match, hear a (blank)sound! I know that one all too well!