Thursday, March 8, 2007

Revised update

Wow, I didn't really expect to be writing this blog. They just wheeled Julie downstairs to the OR to do a C-section. The MD was here to do that next "check" I had told you about, and he said he "just didn't feel like she has been progressing enough and we needed to think about an alternate way to get this baby out". She's been laboring since 5am, at the hospital since 7am, and it's now 10pm and he said she was really measuring an 8-9cm. So, she and David are in the OR and we're all a little surprised. I have to admit, also a little nervous, just because we have been praying for "no complications" and this seems to be one..... I have so many emotions that the tears are welling up again. Excitement because the baby really is almost here, nervousness for Julie having surgery, disappointment because I'm not standing at her side (but this really does pale in comparison to the other emotions), and concern that Julie's now in that toughest of situations, where she labored for a long time and then still ended up with needing to recover from surgery.

The bonus is that the next post should be really informative!!


CJ Olson said...

Oh...that's too bad! I wonder what happened! That's a total shock to read about! Praying that the c-section will be fine and that she will be able to recover from this well! Thanks for the good updates!

Emily said...

Hey again, I have to admit I am stuck on your blog waiting to hear the news! Sorry to hear that Julie needs a C-section. I am praying all goes well, as I'm sure it will! You just keep your chin up and smile because you are going to be the best auntie ever! Praying for you!

Henrik and Carrie said...

I'm hanging on to hear too!!

Candis Berge said...

Hi Kari - is it Aunt Kari yet? Like I just posted on Shannon's blog, I hate to turn of the computer and go to bed not knowing the outcome of these births!

I will be logging on as SOON as I awaken!!

I hope you are holding little sweetheart right now... night night.

Henrik and Carrie said...
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