Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Baby Update!

Thank you to all of you asking about the baby! So here's the latest update. Julie had her last doctor's appointment today, and she's not dilated any further so isn't in active labor at the moment. She will be induced on Friday morning, so we're expecting a new little baby sometime on Saturday! YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!! That's one week after her due date.

I can hardly wait! I was telling some people at work today about how much I already love this baby, and tears welled up trying to explain it! I'M SO IN LOVE!!!!! I can't wait to see if it's a he or she. I can't wait to see what he/she looks like, acts like, what he/she will grow up to be, what type of personality he/she will have. I can't wait!! I can't wait to tell him/her about Jesus. To take him/her to the park, to take him/her on vacation someday, to be the cool aunt that will always have gum in my purse, even though I don't often chew gum! I want to be the person that he/she can't wait to spend time with and will call at any time just to chat. Of course, he/she will have to be born and grow up a little first! It's almost here!

Please keep praying with us that all will go well with the delivery. Pray for Julie and for the baby during these last few hours of pregnancy. Pray for the doctors and nurses, that they can make all the right decisions to help this process along. Please also pray that the induction can happen on Friday as planned, as Julie was told there is a slim possibility that the Birthing Suite could be full and they'd reschedule for Monday.

Thanks for praying! I'll keep you updated!

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CJ Olson said...

Kari..that is good news. We've been seeing hat's been going on with Julie. Praying for a very smooth delievery and a happy healthy baby. Can't wait to hear the news.