Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David's First Birthday!

Can you believe that a whole YEAR has gone by? It was just this time last year that we were getting to know this new little bundle of joy in the family! It's strange to look back at pictures of my little nephew and see how tiny he was just 12 months ago!

I'm so happy that I'm close enough to have made it home for David's First Birthday Party this past weekend. I got home Friday night and had dinner with my parents and David while his parents prepared for Saturday. After dinner David and I played a while, and he was just being so funny all evening! He loves climbing the stairs, and if he runs down the hallway you better run fast or he'll be half-way up the stairs by the time you reach him!

He also loves his bath, and was ready to climb in without us being quite ready just yet!

His hair looks funny here, but I love how cozy he is all wrapped up in a towel. What a cutie!

On Saturday, I helped make sure David was nice and content before the party started.

I know I'm cut out in this picture, but it's all about David and his big smile! This is the face that we almost always get to see in person, so I wanted to be sure and share it with you since it was finally captured in a picture!

When it was time for cake, we expected something funny (how can you NOT have that at a first birthday party?) but weren't sure what to expect. Well, all he really did was grab the candle and pull it off.

But, then he went back in and grabbed a big piece of cake/frosting. He shook his hand like he didn't like something "sticky" on it, and when that didn't work, he did whatever possible to get the frosting off. The most successful way for him to do that was to wipe it all over his face! We all laughed, he burst out crying (I think he got some in his eyes) but once he got cleaned up he was back to his happy normal self for the rest of the party!

Next it was time for him to open presents.

"Look, Grandma, a card!"

"I love playing with these small cars -they're just my size!"

"I also love dropping the small cars back into a bag to see who will fish them out. Looks like Daddy won the task!"

Here he is surrounded by all sorts of new toys to keep him busy for the next year!

Thanks to everyone who was able to come celebrate his first year, what a blessing to be so loved!


christine said...

Looks like fun! He is such a cutie!! It's hard to believe we'll be celebrating Josiah's 1st birthday too in just another week and a half.

doug&margarethe said...

Thanks Kari for posting a great 1st Birthday blog for David! He seemed overwhelmed by it all or else just so excited because he would go from person to person to see the next gift. He also was having fun playing with his cousins from his Dad's side of the family who were more his age. At the end he loved pushing the cooler all around the room! It was a big day for David!!

Kevin, Brooke & Harrison said...

I can't believe he's already 1! What a fun party to celebrate his special day!