Sunday, April 29, 2007

Perfect Day!

Today was a wonderful day! Well, I guess it was fine while I was at work, but it was after work that the fun really started. It was a PERFECT day in Fergus! It was not too hot or too cold, there was a bright sun out but some great shade under the trees, it wasn't windy but there was a slight breeze to keep the air moving. Really just a perfect day! It really couldn't have been any better!

And for me, this perfect day was spent in a much-loved way. I got to enjoy the late afternoon sun on one of my favorite decks, at the home of some dear people. My good friend, Laura, and I were invited to the Wasson's for dinner (which is always a treat!) and were joined by a few of their relatives and another fun friend. We enjoyed good conversation, a great meal, and entertainment that only a two-year-old can provide!

I have to say, one of the best things about the day was the chance to see my FAVORITE dogs again!!! I had missed them SOOOO much ever since their owner moved them away. Since they had come back for a visit, I was thrilled to enjoy some time with them! Jim, Maggie, and Fionn are three of the smartest dogs around (even though sometimes they forget they're supposed to act smart!) and are very lovable. They love to play, run, show affection, explore, and play some more. Today we enjoyed a nice walk down to the dock where Jim and Fionn decided that in order to drink water from the lake, it was best to just jump in and get soaking wet. I guess they thought it was easier to lap up water that way! After they were nice and wet they found a few good dirt piles to run through and dig in. Maggie decided she'd had enough of the boys and headed back to the house on her own. All throughout dinner they had a fun time running from side to side on the deck watching to see if we had done anything interesting yet. It was hard to leave them at the end of the day!

I realized I didn't take any pictures today, but here's some from the past:

Jim and I at Maplewood State Park (that was another perfect day!).

Jim and I at a late night campfire.

Maggie and I on a walk in SD, where we had gone to help some friends during lambing at their farm. Isn't this a picturesque scene?

I also heard a fun update on Elvis. No, not Elvis The King, but Elvis the cat. Now, some of you might know, I'm really not a fan of cats. They just aren't my favorite. I think there's a lot of truth in being either a dog-lover or cat-lover, and that it's a rare person who can cross the line. I guess I'm not one of them. However, Elvis is a little different. You see, when Elvis was very little, I was asked to step in with my nursing skills and do something I thought I'd never do. Because of a terrible deformity, I needed to help amputate one of Elvis' paws. I'm not a cat lover, but when you provide a few supplies then hold down a cat during this kind of procedure, your heart tends to be softened a little. I really did feel a special sort of bond with Elvis, so was worried when he went missing for quite a while (many months). After all, a three-legged cat in the woods has some disadvantages. So, today's update was that now that he's been back for a while, he is healthy and strong, growing well, and basically king of the house. Go Elvis!

Just to show my cat-lover friends that I can tolerate a few select cats, here's a picture of me with Dexter, who always seems to find his way onto my lap.

Well, there's my tribute to Perfect Days, and favorite animals! I hope you get to enjoy a Perfect Day sometime soon!


Marilyn and Jim said...

Way to go Kari! PLUS--you got a "perfectly wonderful" call from your aunt, to end your perfect day! It's so fun to read of your adventures. Thanks for bloggin...

doug&margarethe said...

Great blogging tributes to your favorite animal friends! Those friends have been very entertaining when we've met them.