Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hanging out at the Apple Orchard!

About a week and a half ago (I know, I'm getting behind in posting things!) I invited my mom and David to join me at a nearby apple orchard. It was a wonderful day! We enjoyed great weather, lots of sun, a HUGE apple orchard, ducks in a pond, horses in the stable and also a field, pumpkins ready to be purchased, and then also a great store with apples, apple products and lots of other yummy treats for sale! We had lunch in the little cafe, David learned he LOVES apples, and picked up some treats for some friends. David was in the BEST mood all day long and laughed a LOT! He's usually really happy, hardly ever fusses, but this day he especially had a blast! He was so intrigued by everything he saw, and I guess he was fast asleep within a few feet of leaving the orchard!

Here are some of the fun pictures we took. If you're in the area just 20+ minutes south of the Twin Cities on Hwy 169, check it out! Minnesota Harvest is a great orchard to just pick up something quick, or spend a whole day. It's fun for everyone, but especially geared towards kids. I'm SO glad it worked out to go!


Candis Berge said...

Great. I loved the pictures.

I think we can do next week - give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this place fun?!? I just stopped there Monday on my way home from Terry's.

Hope you're doing well and things are still going greay :) We need to catch up sometime!

Anonymous said...

ooops...I meant 'great'!!

Leingang Family said...

David makes such a cute apple! What a fun day.