Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Going Away Party....

On Tuesday evening I was blessed by my friends at work with a fun Going Away Party! We met up at River Jack's, a restaurant that looked good from their menu selection in the "Restaurant Menu" section in the phone book. It happened to be close to my apartment.

It really has been such a blessing to work here. I've said this before, but it still holds true! Everyone has been so nice and really friendly. I'm leaving here realizing that I'm not just leaving this assignment location, but I'm leaving friends as well. How wonderful that that's been true, and how sad to go!

There were 10 of us all together that were able to come, but one missed the picture. (So no, I wasn't counting wrong!) These have been wonderful women to work with and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with them. While of course I'm excited for Arizona, I'm sad to leave these friends!

I've been wanting some good chocolate these last few days, but wanted to be smart about my choices. I decided that I could order a great salad for dinner, and still enjoy a wonderful dessert, as long as I made healthy choices the rest of the day. Well, when this came out, I knew I was in for a treat!
It was so good that I was excited to not eat the whole thing so I could save a little for a 3am craving! That was really worth it as well! :)

After the get-together, I headed back to my apartment to pack. I had been noticing that the river finally opened up, but I hadn't walked back there yet. If you remember, this was a picture I posted back in January about my apartment complex.

Well, I'm happy to report that this is what it looked like yesterday! Yeah for signs of spring!!

Yes, that's a little bit of ice you see floating along, but for the most part it's pretty clear.

I really love being on the water, and was able to spend some good time with the Lord, just being silent with Him. It was an especially peaceful location, which is just what my heart needed.


Jim and Marilyn said...

Thank God for wonderful work friends, and for His marvelous creation. Happy packing...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm chocolate cake as good as you described! You are a blessing everywhere you go. I bet you have more friends in more places than anyone I know. Everyone loves Kari! We can't wait to see you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting us have that little going away party, if only for another reason. I will miss you so much, thank you for becoming one of my friends. I have to admit, I was really hesitant when I heard our unit was going to be getting a traveler, I saw that person as someone who was just going to take my hours after I had put in so much extra time, I ended up absolutely loving you, quite easily I must add. As your other friends stated, everyone loves Kari! If our unit ever gets another traveler, that person is going to have extremely nursing shoes to fill. I had to try really hard to not cry tonight leaving you, I had to hug fast and leave or I would have stayed all night.
Take care and we will talk again soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post anonymous, I am fighting with my computer again. I can't figure out what it wants to be able to post it like your friends do. HELP