Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Arizona Update

I know that I haven't had very many pictures on here for awhile, I guess for the most part I haven't been taking any lately... I need to be around that beautiful nephew of mine again soon, since I've been craving cuddling with him, and for the chance to take some fun pictures!

I found out today that the apartment I had first been told about in Arizona is, in fact, where I'll be living. Medical Express is just extending their lease with one apartment as another traveler is moving out.

I'll be living in the San Tropez Apartments on Hayden Road in Scottsdale. It's a little farther away from Banner Desert Children's Hospital (10 miles instead of the promised 5 miles or less commute) but because of the shorter contract there were fewer options. As I look around at the website, it seems like it'll be a fun place to live! There are quite a few amenities, so I'm hoping my Phoenix friends will have fun coming to visit and hang out at my place! I've really missed hosting people and have been craving doing that again.

I'll be in a one-bedroom that looks like it's got a good layout. I have to admit, one of the things I'm most excited about is having a full-size washer and dryer in the unit! After having my own home for six years, I had become so accustomed to it that when it hasn't worked that way, it's been a huge difference for me! The little things in life, right?....

Yes, that's a fireplace you see in the living room. Hmmmm.... with the temps getting to the mid 80's this week in Phoenix, I'm guessing I won't use it too often, but since I really love a good fire, I suppose I might turn it on just for fun.

I have three more nights to work here in La Crosse, then will move out on Friday. I'll be in the Cities for just a few days and then take off Wednesday morning for Arizona. I'm still figuring out the exact travel plan, but I'm hopeful to get to see a few new things on my drive. Since that's a drive I made a few times while living in Arizona before, it would be fun to explore someplace new.

I'm glad to have you "join" me on my next adventure!


Jeff and Missi, T, Jake, Samuel and Dan said...

This looks like it will be a great place for you! Love the huge pool area! I will pray for safe travel and good weather for your drive. Missi

Jim and Marilyn said...

Roadtrip again! Yippee! We can hardly wait to see you again! Drive carefully.

Candis Berge said...

Hey, that looks great. I love the porch too! Nice big closet as well. Looks like we'll be having a nice time there, right? I'm all packed.... :)

Kari, RN said...

MISSI!!! I am SO glad to see that you read my blog! I loved getting your comment when I asked for my "ghost readers" to come forward. Thanks for praying for me! I really miss getting to work with you as well and would love to have you pass along at LRHC how much I still think of everyone!

Candis, you're right, looks like there's plenty of great space! Glad to hear that you're all set to go! :)

rdljnrisbrudt.blogspot.com said...


If Candis is coming to visit, I am joining her! I haven't lived with you since our Canada days.


doug&margarethe said...

Looks like a great layout for you, especially the walk-in closet!! Wish I could come visit too but your 6 weeks will go by fast! Take pictures once you are settled.

Kari, RN said...

Candis and Denise, I think the two of you should really consider coming down for a visit! I would LOVE to host you both for a fun few days/week/weekend in sunny Arizona! Think about it!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kari: congrat's again !

We would welcome you on board for your next assignment when you're ready.

Please let us know your next potential start date or give us a call. Again, congrat's on all !

Thanks Kari.

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