Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great day!

Yesterday was such a great day! The garage sale was a huge hit, and I was able to sell off most of my stuff! All the big items went, lots of the smaller stuff as well, and we ended by dropping off the rest at Goodwill so it's out of the house. Very successful! My parents had come up to help me, and I sure couldn't have done it without them. We made four or five trips to the parking lot with my dad's truck full of stuff. I figured they'd go back to bed after we set everything up since it was such an early morning, but they were both troopers and stuck around for the day. All the stuff from the couch to the tall bookshelf was mine.

There were tons of people selling stuff, and lots of people buying as well. I had gotten nervous that no one would show up to buy, and that wasn't the case at all. The parking lot was a blaze of activity! (Also a blaze with the heat -I have a terrible sunburn!)

We were right next to two of my youth group girls, and had a blast chatting with them. Amy even fit right into my laundry bag!

After the sale was done and we got cleaned up, my mom and I took Aunt Frances shopping, then we picked up my dad and Uncle Leif and went to the Fergus Falls Summerfest Parade. What a fun event! After last weekend's fun in the Cities (more on that in my next post) I was thinking how I can hardly wait to move, and after last night's parade I was thinking how much I want to stay! The parade was the ultimate showing of a great small town life. It was perfect weather, thousands of people lining up along the street, everyone standing and putting their hands over their hearts when the flag went by, and clapping for the firemen, military, and police. The parade included those people along with local businesses and churches, high school marching bands, and people throwing candy to the kids lining the streets. It was laid back and carefree. Sitting there made us all feel as though there isn't a care in the world. It wasn't perfect and rehearsed, it was great small-town fun. It was wonderful!

We got a good spot right in the middle of the closed-off street, and arrived early enough to be right in front.

Uncle Leif had asked 4-5 times earlier in the week if we could go to the parade, so I'm really thankful it worked out.

So many more pictures that I could've posted!

Then, after dinner with Leif and Frances and dropping them off at their place, we decided to drive by the High School parking lot where there had been helicopter rides going all day long. Well, since going in a helicopter is one of the many things I want to do before I die, I decided to hop out of the car and find out how much it cost and if they'd be back tomorrow (they looked like they were packing up). The guy said that it was $35 per person and they were not coming back tomorrow, but they'd be willing to take us up for their last ride! I ran back to Mom and Dad, told them they were coming with me, and I WENT FOR MY FIRST HELICOPTER RIDE! My parents had both done it before, but this was a first for me! It was so fun! The guy was a great pilot, and while a helicopter is by nature a little bumpy, it was really a smooth ride! I got to sit in front, and he asked where I wanted to see. I said the hospital, Hillcrest, and my house, and we got to see those things plus the rest of Fergus as we rode all around. My stomach would drop a little with each turn, but really it was pretty thrilling as seen by the huge grin on my face!
Now, please forgive these blurry pictures, as I said it was a little bumpy, but you'll be able to see downtown, the river, Lake Region Healthcare Corp, Hillcrest, the CLBA offices, my house, and our fun helicopter. Mom and Dad are in the back seat but it's a little dark. They had a good time, too! I'm SO glad we did this! Thanks for being spontaneous with me!

After all those pictures, I think I better learn how to use for a slideshow! Thanks for sticking with this long post!


M and B said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I love seeing Fergus from the air and I miss the parade. Seems like you couldn't go anywhere without bumping in to someone you know. Great post.

doug&margarethe said...

Thanks Kari for a full but fun weekend. Yes, the sunburn is sore but is healing...glad the garage sale was a success and your house looks more empty now. That house has been great for you! You have shared it so graciously with us and many others. Trust Danny and his wife enjoy it like we have.
The parade was fun and so was the heliocopter ride!! You explained and posted our weekend well. Thanks. Mom

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! You did a lot of work and a bunch of fun!! There's quite a few of "small town" parades out here in the Pacific Northwest also!! Hope you work out here sometime!!
See you soon!
June B.

Jim and Marilyn said...

What a great posting and such a fun weekend you had! I loved the pictures of the parade; makes me lonely for small town lifestyle that we used to have...
I'm so glad that you were successful on your garage sale--your house must be starting to look empty! And WOW--a helicoptor ride besides!

Leingang Family said...

Congrats on your garage sale success! We have one every time we move. They are a lot of fun but a LOT of work, too.

What a fun day you got to have! That helicopter ride looks like so much fun! I would love to go on one someday! Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures! (I am going to have to try that slideshow thing. Let me know how you like it.)

By the way, I couldn't help peeking at your mom's comment and wondered if Danny Bronson is buying your house??? I wish we could be at their wedding. I hated sending the decline in the mail.:o(

Have a great day!

CJ Olson said...

Kari, you definitely had a fun day after I talked to you! :-) Glad that the garage sale went so well!! What fun to go to a parade! :-) That's so fun.....

I'm waiting anxiously for your post about your minneapolis visit! :-) You should get that done!! Well I'm off to finish the last bit of my seminary scrapbook (a year out of seminary)....opps!!

Anonymous said...

What a delight to see U Lief and A. Frances at the parade with you. Thank you so much for taking them to the parade. You were so sweet to do this. Thank you even after a big day at the garage sale. Way to go girl. Am so excited to be with you for a few days at the reunion. Am anticipating some great games, talks,walks and of course laughs. Love, Penny

Brooke said...

Thanks for the great pics of Summerfest (I was out of state), so I really enjoyed seeing what went on. Nice pic of the back of Kevin's truck! I'm glad to hear that the garage sale went well for you! It's wierd knowing that you won't be around here anymore! I hope to see you before you take off though!