Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moving to Wisconsin

It's hard to have a post and not have a picture of this little guy, so why even bother?
He's was "helping" us on moving day in Burnsville. We seem to be having a LOT of those lately -moving days. But, we're almost done and will be done for a while now! Last weekend I went to Fergus for a bridal shower (that's another post I'm working on) while Brent stayed in the Twin Cities and took charge loading all my stuff that's been in storage for TWO years into a U-Haul truck to move to Wisconsin. I got back just in time to help with one or two things from my parents house, where Little David and his family stopped by. Actually, they came the day before to help Brent and my dad load all the other stuff as well. Somehow my mom and I are the only ones that missed out on the real fun. The truth is, I was pretty insistent that all the loading happen while I could help, not because I wanted to control the situation, but because I felt bad that everyone else would be doing "my" work for me. Seeing as I'm marrying the most wonderful man in the world, he was just as insistent right back that he's now responsible for my stuff and would be just fine even if he had to do it all himself. Because I have a great family, they all pitched in so he didn't have to do it alone. I'm pretty blessed!

This little guy also had fun trying out the "new" trike that Grandma found for him.
Here's what I saw the whole way back to Appleton. I've been living here since January, but now, finally, all my stuff is here as well!
He did such a great job packing that not a single thing shifted during the entire trip back, and I was pretty surprised that ALL my stuff fit into the 17' truck and even had extra space! (I was pretty sure a 24' truck would just barely fit!)
My prince, sitting in our new living room, carefully mapping out how the new shelves we bought would fit against a certain wall. I'm happy to say I don't have to live in all those boxes anymore! We've done a good job of unpacking some or moving others to the basement for now.
My "RockStar" of a fiance, enjoying his "RockStar" of a drink provided from a fun poem/skit at the bridal shower (more to come later).
I am so excited that in 18 days he'll be mine forever! I'm looking forward to so many things about being married, but lately it's that I can hardly wait to LIVE in the same place finally! He won't have to come visit me in the Lakehouse, but he can be here all the time! Only 18 more days to go!


doug&margarethe said...

Glad you're not moving too far away! Guess I lucked out this time as I never lifted a box! Thankful the trip and moving in went so well. Can't wait to see your Lakehouse! Excited for the big day coming up. The Lord is good!
God's blessings be upon you and Brent.
(I so enjoyed the shower and time with you in FF!) Love you both. Mom

Krista Koljonen said...

Yea. Now you can nest. So glad everything worked out so well with the move.

Kathy said...

18 days....I hope we can keep our hands off the oreo truffels until then. Hahaha just kidding. They are safely in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Now only 17 days. Oh Kari, how I love looking at your blog:) I can't wait to see you in your wedding dress and meet your prince:) Miss you!!!

Leingang Family said...

It's getting close! Can't wait to see pics when you are all moved in!

rdljnrisbrudt.blogspot.com said...

Only two weeks now! I forgot did you want us to bring the cotton candy?? Your moving scene looked familiar.....we saw the same view in Bismarck last week-end but it is interesting how quickly those boxes get emptied!