Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brent!

It was somebody's birthday today!

That's right, this happy guy turned the ripe old age of.... oh yeah.... once you hit a certain age you're probably not supposed to share that with everyone except on the "big" years, right?

Anyway, we were able to celebrate on Thursday night with family and friends by using their help to unload all of Brent's stuff from his rented pods into The Lakehouse. It was so wonderful to spend the evening there, enjoying each other's company, eating a meal together, and finally feeling like I had a place to host people! I've been waiting a LOOOOOOOONG time for that! And even though the unloading part wasn't as enjoyable, it actually still went really quite quick with all the help that was there. 30 minutes maybe? I'm looking forward to posting lots of pictures of lots of picnics at our place on the lake, but for now, you'll just have to imagine it. Kids and adults all around, sitting on folding chairs, the floor, or the deck, and lots of time spent down on the dock.

Today Brent and I drove back to the Twin Cities for a bridal shower, which should be a super fun experience, and pretty strange being on this side of it! :) My mom had a cake for Brent when we got here, so I think he's feeling pretty welcomed into the family!

Happy Birthday, Brent, I hope it was a great one!


Krista Koljonen said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Brent.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brent. Trust you had an awesome day. Looking forward to the wedding. Penny

Jim and Marilyn said...

Happy belated birthday Brent! Hope you had a fun weekend in the cites! See you soon...