Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Art Institute of Chicago

When we arrived in Chicago, one of the very first things we did was head to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a beautiful building from the outside,
...and from the inside! There was the older-style museum, and they've recently added a modern wing. I'm guessing you can tell which is which.
I'm so glad I took this shot in black and white. I feel like it could be a picture in their advertisement!

Next you'll see just a few of the beautiful and interesting pieces they have at the museum. I'm guessing you'll recognize some of them.

Can you name any of the artists? I snapped a close-up picture of the description of each item, so I could let you know if you really want the information.

One unique thing they had was a miniature display. Here are two images of all these miniature little boxes you could look through and see rooms with HUGE amounts of detail! It's hard to tell from the pictures (and the reflections) just what was in each room and what size they really were, but they were really amazing!

A statue I was drawn to in the sculpture area.

There you have it! Now you can feel like you were at the Art Institute of Chicago with us!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures, Kari. It really is the closest I have been. The Institute is one of the few places I particularly would have liked to visit during my only trip to Chicago last summer, but we didn't have the time. Looks beautiful!

Krista Koljonen said...

i recognize many of the art pieces, but the names of the artists i "learned" in basic art class escapes me. i was impressed that cameras were allowed. haven't been to the art institute during my visits to chicago, but i have made it to the aquarium. hope you enjoyed that as well.

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